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hotel AGORA Regency Sakai (Sakai, Osaka)

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An urban hotel that satisfies your taste for refinement

hotel AGORA Regency Sakai is located about 30 minutes away from Kansai International Airport. An establishment which meets tourists and business traveler’s needs to savor the authentic quality only AGORA’s flagship hotel can provide. We're proud to offer top-class hospitality worthy to guests of stature, in an impeccably elegant environment.

hotel AGORA osaka・moriguchi (Moriguchi, Osaka)

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Meet the magic moments that will turn into fond memories

hotel AGORA osaka・moriguchi is connected to Moriguchishi station, allowing you to travel directly to Osaka and Kyoto without the need to change trains. The limousine bus to and from Kansai International Airport leaves right from the Station. With smooth access to Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, the upscale urban hotel makes the ideal base of operations for a stay in Kansai.

AGORA Fukuoka Hilltop Hotel & Spa (Fukuoka-City, Fukuoka)

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Excitement & Tranquility
Experience contrast of the “excitement” of lively, bustling city of Fukuoka and the “tranquil” peacefulness of our hilltop sanctuary

AGORA Fukuoka Hilltop Hotel & Spa's post-modern design concept lies on a peaceful hill overlooking the downtown area of Fukuoka. Within the hotel you can enjoy a natural, forward-thinking Holistic Therapy Treatment Spa surrounded by a tranquil, leafy environment. Equipped with natural hot springs, Japanese restaurant, garden terrace, hotel shops, and a library. Only 30 minutes away from Fukuoka International Airport.


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style My stay You can choose your own style to create a unique, personal stay

AGORA PLACE ASAKUSA is a stylishly designed limited service hotel where you can enjoy a level of freedom by creating some of the personal touches yourself. Great access from the center of Tokyo, Tokyo Skytree, along with Ginza, Shibuya, Akihabara, and Roppongi are all easily accessible.

Nojiriko Hotel EL BOSCO (Shinano-machi, Nagano)

  • Web Site

A hotel made for reading

EL BOSCO is located inside the ‘Joshinetsu Kogen’ National Park, also known as a ‘healing forest’. The hotel sits on a peninsula overlooking a magnificent view of Lake Nojiri, where activities such as marine sports, golf and hiking are enjoyed.

Imaiso (Izu Imaihama-Onsen, Shizuoka)

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The sound of waves, the starry skies... A seaside retreat where you can encounter the Japan of old

Imaiso is a traditional Japanese-style ryokan in front of Izu Imaihama beach which has been loved by the Imperial Family and other celebrities. You'll enjoy the panoramic view of the 7 Izu islands of the Pacific Ocean from your room and the combination of Japanese elegance, impeccable service and modern architectural comfort.

Furuyu Onsen ONCRI (Fuji-Cho, Saga)

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Warm water soothes your cares away at a natural hot-spring resort nestled in the mountains

ONCRI is in Saga prefecture which is one hour from Fukuoka International Airport, located at the foot of the Sefuri Mountains and in front of a mountain stream. Whether you choose to relax in our fantastic hot springs, eat gourmet food, enjoy the outdoors or to simply relax and look at beautiful scenery, ONCRI is your place

Aburaya-Ryokan (Kamisuwa-Onsen, Nagano)

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A traditional Japanese-style ryokan with a hot spring source where can you feel the changing seasons around Suwa Lake

Aburaya-Ryokan has a history of over 100 years with a hot spring source on the hotel's premises, unique to Japanese hotels, allowing you to experience the "true" Japanese hot spring. An open air bath giving you panoramic views of Lake Suwa and the Japanese Alps, sunsets afford you with golden reflections off of Lake Suwa. Relax in the comfort of a private cottage with interior walls made of aromatic cedar and sliding glass doors opening up onto a Japanese garden. Delicious food carefully prepared with locally grown, fresh ingredients. Unwind and let the nature of Suwa's Japanese style inn refresh your senses.

Kyu Karuizawa Hotel (Karuizawa, Nagano)

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An Unpretentious Resort for a Socialite’s Lifestyle

A simple and elegant hotel not far from the main street in Karuizawa, one of Japan’s premier resort areas. Sun shines through the leaves of the trees in the lush courtyard as you escape the constraints of busy city life. Here you can escape the dress codes of city life and recharge here in this ‘second home retreat in the woods’. The hotel is a “charitable hotel” that has committed to make the marvelous time guests spend there an opportunity to make others happy somewhere else in the world, by contributing a portion of revenue from room fees and other services

Kakujoro (Atsumi Peninsula, Aichi)

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A completely new but thoroughly nostalgic inn established in 1926 located on the Atsumi Peninsula in Aichi, Japan.

The main building of the inn “Kakujoro” is a splendid display of the craftsmanship of the traditional Japanese carpenters with exposed wood framework. Renewed but retaining nostalgic appeal, the atmosphere and natural wood scents take you back in time.
All rooms have private outdoor baths and the three groups of rooms on the property occupy the spacious grounds of over 10 thousand square feet. Nearby tiger blowfish are caught year round at Mikawa Bay. Enjoy the natural splendor and plentiful bounty of the countryside while you relax in this beautiful old inn on Atsumi Peninsula.

Izuturo (Atsumi Peninsula, Aichi)

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An inn where modern and traditional beauty have been ingeniously melded into one premium travel experience.

Idzuturou – Founded as the only Inn on Atsumi Peninsula in the Tempo Era.
Reopened in 2010, this inn is known for its fusion of new and old in a building that was build approximately 200 years ago. Ten rooms with unique transoms and alcoves await the delight of guests. Enjoy a stroll on the beach, carefully selected wine, bounty from the sea, a hot relaxing bath as you relax and step back in time at Idzuturou. Visit this hidden inn where you can relax in the splendor of the traditional architecture and enjoy the beauty of the seasons in the nature that surrounds the inn.

Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu(Matsumoto, Nagano)

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Mingei Philosophy
Matsumoto Lifestyle, Simple Beyond Beauty

With this rebranding, which incorporates the character of the region and the hotel’s nearly 130-year history into the concept of reviving the “Matsumoto Lifestyle, Simple Beyond Beauty,” and design based on this concept, the hotel has a new down-to-earth, utilitarian flavor. Mingei (“art of the people”) was a folk art movement in 1920s and 1930s Japan that advocated aesthetic principles including tarikibi (finding “beauty in powers outside the self”), considered an inevitable outgrowth of the natural environment, terrain, and traditions of Japan.

Fujiiso(Kamitakaigun, Nagano)

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A long established mountain valley inn

Nestled in the majestic beauty of the four seasons, Fujiso is located in the Matsukawa valley near the Matsukawa river delta. Enjoy cuisine designed from the land and in harmony with the season. Surrender to the hypnotic wind of the valley that has been loved and documented by numerous famous poets and authors since 1798. Accommodation plans are not bound by tradition. We are happy to design a stay that meets the desires and expectations of each individual guest.

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